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Patients Served
Dr. Marcel Diennet, MD
Creator of the Diennet Treatment Algorithm

What is the Diennet treatment?

A customized pill that balances your body’s internal workings by influencing your natural chemicals and hormones to bring you to your perfect physical & mental state.
Custom-made to fit your unique physical, mental and genetic needs, we treat the WHOLE person and not just the extra fat that rests on top.
In this way, we can fix the problem at the source.
Do you gain weight easily due to your family DNA?
We can fix that.
Or, do you just over-eat due to anxiety?
We can fix that, too.
Hormonal Imbalance? Cellulite? Low-energy? Not enough time to get to the gym? Just had a baby? Menopause?
Or just need help losing the last ten pounds?
We can fix all of that and even more.
The Diennet Treatment treats you.
Not just your weight.

Why should I be interested in Diennet?

Before you go buy a lap-band or some form of Gastric Bypass Surgery (which costs between $8000 to $40,000 and can severely hurt or even kill you,) or some Big Pharmaceutical One-Size-Fits-All Drug (which, of course, will definitely have side-effects,) give The Diennet Institute a shot and see if it works for you.
It almost certainly will, though, since we hold a 99% Success Rate* (*IF you follow the Instructions of the Program, that is. But, they're easy to follow. You'll see.*)

How does it work?

We custom-make your treatment after you go to a Doctor, get some blood tests done and answer a few dozen questions.
That’s all you have to do. Then, comes our job.
We start by creating your formula.
We look at your blood tests, your Doctor’s exams and the questions you answered.
Then, we compare your case to the almost 200,000 patients that have come before you, cross-referencing your case with theirs to determine what will work best on you.
Next, we create a complex formula that is sent to Doctors to request the Prescription and then sent from the Doctors to our Pharmacies to be meticulously and carefully handmade.
This formula can have up to 42 different ingredients inside of it, all of which are measured exactly down to the milligram.
That means your treatment will work best on YOU.
Letting anyone else borrow your pills to “try them out” may cause problems, since, as we often repeat, the treatment is made SPECIFICALLY and INDIVIDUALLY FOR YOU.
If you have any specific requests, we will follow them exactly.
Want to lose weight in your thighs? We can target that specifically, it’s a different formula than wanting to lose weight on the back of your arms or your lower stomach.
We always accommodate your needs whether you have specific Allergies, are Vegan or, even, if you're Kosher/Halal.
The Diennet Treatment is right for everyone and can be perfect for anyone.

Why are physical examinations and blood tests required?

A unique formula containing medication measured out to your specific needs cannot be prescribed without detailed knowledge of your blood and hormone levels as well as your full medical history.
A physical examination by a Medical Doctor is also required by law and it also helps us to make sure the information in your questionnaire is valid.
Some people have been known to lie about their weight, their height, their pre-existing conditions, etc.
This detailed information helps us to serve you safely and effectively.
It’s worth it.

What’s in those pills?

The pills are a compound of up to 42 different ingredients, including actual prescription medication measured out exactly to be the perfect dose for you in addition to dozens of Homeopathic and all-natural ingredients.
We can not reveal EXACTLY what’s in the pills, because, much like the formula for Coca Cola, it must remain a secret if we want to remain a successful company, however, the FDA, DEA and Board of Pharmacy have inspected and approved our treatment.
Unlike Coca Cola we also CHANGE the formula depending on each individual patient.
No two treatments are the same.

Why do we choose up to 42 ingredients?

Think of it as trying to pick a lock and behind that locked door is the perfect version of you.
Every ingredient we put in your treatment will unlock one of the pins in the lock and as we continue to listen closely as each tumbler gives way, we fix each and every tiny problem that is causing you discomfort, that is causing you to be overweight.
We listen closely and adjust constantly until, finally, we unlock the door to the New You.

Why do I need these pills?

In this modern day and age, even if you’re not sick, you kind of are.
Food today is a chemical and hormonal mess, with tons of additives, hormones and pesticides that wreak havoc on your body. Many of these unnatural ingredients are required to be in your food BY LAW, in the form of preservatives and pesticides and don’t be fooled by the ORGANIC Label (as the USDA requires a food to only be 95% organic. Meaning 5% of your Organic food is, you guessed it, hormones, pesticides or additives. Some labels that read “Organic” can even dip so low as 70% Organic materials without specifying as such. [FOR MORE INFO ON ORGANIC LABELING, GO HERE:
The artificial hormones imbalance your metabolism to the point of ineffectiveness.
The pesticides destroy the delicate balance of the micro-biome within your stomach that used to do such a good job of breaking down and digesting food efficiently.
The additives make you addicted to food, unable to stop eating even after you’re full.
Some people’s bodies have naturally adapted to combat this.
Those people are your friends or family who never seem to gain weight no matter what they eat.
However, for most of us, it seems we have no choice but to be contented with this weight-gain epidemic.
All Americans are now an average of 10 pounds overweight despite eating the same amount of food as 30 years ago and exercising much more. (Ruth E. Brown, Arya M. Sharma, Chris I. Ardern, Pedi Mirdamadi, Paul Mirdamadi, Jennifer L. Kuk, (2016) Secular differences in the association between caloric intake, macronutrient intake, and physical activity with obesity. Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 243–255
Read the entire study here
The Diennet Treatment fights fire with fire.
Bad chemicals with good chemicals.
Bad hormones with good hormones.
It strengthens and regulates your body to be the best version of itself in spite of the terrible abuse you receive internally on a daily basis.

Can I continue using birth control while on the Treatment?

Yes. As we have explained quite a lot, we specialize in customizing the treatment to your needs.

**What are the Rules you need to follow to make sure the Treatment works?

It’s simple.
No Bread after 10AM. Bread diminishes the effects of the Capsules.
No Alcohol. Alcohol will cause a negative reaction with the medication inside the Treatment. Trust us. It could get nasty.
No Sweets. We know this one sounds hard, but, the pills are specially crafted to make it easy to stay away from Sweets. The Sugar in Sweets causes such a violent addictive reaction in the human brain that it can completely counteract the mental and physical changes that the Treatment is attempting to make. We recommend Honey instead.
Take the pills at 11AM.
Take the pills at 5PM.
If you ARE gonna drink Alcohol for a Party or a Wedding or some other special occasion, just skip the pills for that day.

What will happen if I miss a dose?

Nothing. It’s no big deal.
There are no major negative consequences to skipping or missing a treatment time.
However, the treatment will not be effective if you consistently miss doses or fail to follow the treatment program as instructed.

Why do I have to take my capsules at 11am and 5pm?

The average person’s hormones are at their least active levels at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Taking your Treatment at these times allows for the most effective results.

How many pills do you have to take?

3 pills, one A Pill, one B Pill, one C Pill, two times a day.
Each treatment comes with a 3 month supply of pills.

Wait, Diennet treats more than just weight-loss?

We treat loads of stuff.
Dr. Diennet has fulfilled so many special requests over the years that he’s added these options to every treatment in addition to weight loss and all of these can be bought separately or mixed into the Weight-Loss Treatment;
PMS Relief (All women receive this automatically and for free while on the Diennet Weight Loss Treatment.)
Menopause Relief
Andropause Relief
Hair Growth
Skin and Nails
Sex Drive
Quit Smoking

How come I’ve never heard of this?

For over 40 years, until now, we’ve let our patients do the selling for us.
Word-of-mouth has propelled sales since the very beginning and it was enough to make our company very successful.
As Christie says in the video at the top of this page, “It was kind of a secret. You [The Diennet Treatment] were the secret of the best of what works.” Thanks, Christie.
However, in this new, digital age, we’ve decided to expand our visibility into the social media and internet universe, that’s probably how you heard of us now.

Would I know anyone who’s used the Treatment?

We’ve served patients all over the world for over 40 years and are currently serving every state in the U.S.
We’ve served almost 200k patients total.
You may very well know someone who’s been on our program before or is currently on it right now…they’re just keeping it a secret.

Will I need to take these pills for the rest of my life?

Eventually, the goal is to ween you off the pills so that your body can naturally be healthy by itself and, for many, that is a possibility.
However, we do recommend that you try to stick to the rules nonetheless.
If you start drowning yourself in alcohol and triple cheeseburgers, you will gain the weight back and be in the same state as you were before, so, try to stick to the rules of the Treatment even when you’ve finished the Treatment.

Is the Diennet treatment addictive?

No, there is no record of addiction to our various formulas over our entire history and we make sure, with every new patient, to not start now.

Are there any negative side-effects?

Well, there certainly shouldn't be!
You are NOT supposed to be experiencing ANY side-effects while you are on the treatment.
The pills should be an EASY experience.
If you are experiencing any side-effects or discomfort, PLEASE CALL US AT 1–800-272-3436 between the hours of 9AM-5PM PST so that we may help you.

This is a custom-made and closely monitored treatment, not just some one-size-fits-all pill that works for everyone.
Do not worry about being a “bother”!
Please call us!
We will work closely with your Doctor and Pharmacies to get the Treatment where you need it to be.
We are dedicated to helping you and fixing you and getting you the life that you deserve and that may take some adjustments but WE WILL HELP YOU GET THERE!

The Diennet Institute
9454 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. M4
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Can Diennet target specific areas of fat?

That's one of our specialties.
Fat accumulation in certain areas is caused by certain, very distinct factors.
Thigh fat is caused by a different factor than Lower Stomach fat which is caused by a completely different factor than Cellulite or back of the Arm fat and the list goes on and on and on.
All fats are different and unique.
We know exactly how to target this because Dr. Diennet has developed, improved and perfected the Treatment for over 40 years on each one of his patients.
We are experts at this.

If I have a preexisting condition such as Diabetes or High Blood Pressure can I still take the Weight Loss Treatment?

That's another one of our specialties.
This is a CUSTOM MADE treatment.
That is not an understatement.
We will work around your pre-existing condition.
We will work around any medication that you’re currently taking.
We will work around you and your life to give you the help that you need.
Please be as specific as possible so we can better help you, always.

Can I combine other diets with the program?

No, you should not use any other medical diets while on the Diennet treatment program.
Restrictive food diets can also be harmful while on the program.

How quickly do patients lose weight on the Diennet treatment?

Results are different for everyone based on their height and weight.
On average, patients can lose 2 lbs per week for the first 5 weeks, and then can lose 5 lbs per month afterwards. Once you have achieved your target weight, your treatment will be adjusted to help you maintain that weight and then adjusted further to facilitate your stopping of the treatment.

How long can I take the Diennet treatment?

There is no limit to how long you can take the treatment. We have patients that have been on the program for more than 40 years, with no negative effects. On average, Diennet patients follow the treatment program for 18 months, with many patients reaching their target weight within 6-9 months.
Then, they come off the program.
If they ever need to come back on, they can anytime with no consequences.

Who is Dr. Diennet?

Doctor Marcel Diennet is an internationally recognized and respected Medical Doctor as well as a noted Humanitarian and Human Rights Activist.

Born into poverty himself, he was able to work his way up from nothing to attend the World-famous Medical University of Paris and become a Certified Endocrinologist (Hormone Doctor) and Medical Doctor.

He began his career as a War-Medic and Relief Doctor for the International Red Cross.
His research and expertise took him from the Warzones of Africa and Asia to the Royal Palaces of Europe and the Sky-Scrapers of America.

His work as a charitable Doctor during both the Biafran Civil War of Nigeria and the Vietnam War (where he acted as a medic for the US Armed Forces and opened an Orphanage for Handicapped and Polio-infected children AS SEEN IN THE DOCUMENTARY TO THE LEFT OF THIS TEXT) led to his development of The Diennet Treatment; a Reverse-Engineered treatment method based on his research of Starvation in the Third World that he now uses to help people lose weight in the First World.

Does the Diennet Treatment only work if you’re obese?

The Diennet Treatment is made to make you reach your goal weight.
Whether that’s losing 10 lbs or 500 lbs, the Diennet Treatment makes reaching that weight loss goal easy.
Whatever weight you want to be, Diennet will get you down to that weight.

Dr. Marcel Diennet’s research on malnutrition started during the Biafra War in 1968, when he was working with the International Red Cross in Nigeria. After landing with a cargo plane carrying food and medication, Dr. Diennet and his party set out to help the starving children suffering from malnutrition by providing them with food. Within hours, the children who had eaten began to die.

Dr. Diennet realized, after performing autopsies on the children, that starvation produced an imbalance in hormones that weakened organs to the extent that food could not be metabolized. The solution: he needed to correct the children’s hormonal imbalance before feeding them. The remaining children were given hormone-boosting medication, and no more children died. [...]

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