What is the Diennet treatment?

In the simplest terms, our treatment corrects your natural hormones and chemicals so your body can lose weight and work better as a whole.
It’s a Custom-made, homeopathic and medical weight-loss capsule.
We are the ONLY treatment like this on Earth.
We’ve treated over 200k people successfully.
We hold a 99%* success rate. [Read More]

Fill Out our Questionnaire

We have an extremely extensive questionnaire.
One of the longest in the medical field!
This is to ensure that we give you the best treatment possible by having you give us the most information possible.
In that way, we can truly determine each and every problem you may need fixed.
We pride ourselves in our thoroughness!

Step 1 - Fill Out our Questionnaire

See one of our Doctors

To ensure that the pills work best for you, we require each and every patient to visit a doctor for a full blood-test and physical.
In this way, we can determine information about yourself that even you don’t know, like hormone levels, blood sugars and even genetic predispositions.
This helps us to figure out how to make your pills, how much of a specific ingredient to add...the whole nine yards.

Custom-Made Prescription

Finally, our pharmacies will compound your treatment and it will be sent right to your door.
Then, you just take the pills as directed.
REMEMBER, no two treatments are the same, your pills work best for YOU, letting your friend borrow them will have varying results as they are not perfect for them like they would be for you.

Don't Forget

No bread except for breakfast. No sweets! No Alcohol. Everything else is A-OK!


Dr. Marcel Diennet’s research on malnutrition started during the Biafra War in 1968, when he was working with the International Red Cross in Nigeria. After landing with a cargo plane carrying food and medication, Dr. Diennet and his party set out to help the starving children suffering from malnutrition by providing them with food. Within hours, the children who had eaten began to die.

Dr. Diennet realized, after performing autopsies on the children, that starvation produced an imbalance in hormones that weakened organs to the extent that food could not be metabolized. The solution: he needed to correct the children’s hormonal imbalance before feeding them. The remaining children were given hormone-boosting medication, and no more children died. [...]

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